Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate

I finally have finished the original series. I’m so sad that it’s over, and am already itching for more of Daniel and Luce. I actually have no clue what to do now that I’m finished their story. I will (of course) be reading Unforgiven right away. Hey, Lauren Kate: any chance you want to write a contemporary on Luce and Daniel falling in love in their mortal lives? Because not only would I buy multiple copies, I would hedge a guess that many other people would do exactly the same thing. As always, you’ll most likely find some spoilers below. Feel free to go read this series and then come back. It is absolutely worth your while, especially during the summer! This series is perfect for summer and fall.  The synopsis is as follows:



The sky is dark with wings . . .

And time is running out for Luce and Daniel.
In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, they must find the place where the Fall began. Only Luce can break the curse, and it is her choice alone that will decide all of their fates.
But as Dark Forces gather, great sacrifices will have to be made in this final, epic struggle . . .
In the fight for Luce, and for Love, who will win?
The astonishing climax to the Fallen series. Heaven can’t wait any longer.



Rapture is the last book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. It is preceded by Fallen, Torment, and Passion.  A book of short stories, Fallen in Love, (which was released after Rapture) falls between Passion and Rapture.  Fallen, the first book in the series, has been turned into a movie which is yet to be released in North America. I’m patiently awaiting its arrival, and that of the other movies for the rest of the books.

So this book destroyed me. I was so happy, and laughing; then sad and crying, now happy again. It was so, so good. It should also win the award for Best Cover on a YA Novel, because it’s gorgeous and suits the plot of the book so well.

Everything about Rapture had high stakes. It was a refreshing change from the other three books in the series, where the plot focused more on character development and discovery than adventure and high-paced action. While it did expand on the characters personalities and stories, it added an environment which allowed the story to flow better than the last three books.

We find Daniel and Lucinda with the rest of the angel gang, attempting to stop Lucifer from wiping time clean, moving all the angels back to the time of The Fall. They come to the conclusion that they need to locate three holy artifacts that came with the angels when they fell, and return to the site of The Fall. While on the adventure looking for these holy artifacts, we discover that Luce can now see into her past lives without using an Announcer. She’s able to connect with all of the languages she used to speak, and to remember the days of the lives she previously lived. It was great to read her using these skills and sharing the memories of her past lives with Daniel.

Luce eventually has visions and flashbacks, once all the artifacts are reunited at the sight of The Fall (Troy). Her wings burst out, Daniel cries: Lucinda is an angel. One of the Fallen, she was Lucifer’s original love. Leaving him for Daniel, she was the inspiration behind Lucifer’s decision to have the angels choose between Heaven and Hell. Known as Lucifer’s Evening Light,” Lucinda realizes that she will have to confront him in order to save the angels, the world, and Daniel. She realizes that she is the angel who will tip the scale between good and evil, the curse being her punishment and Daniel’s through guilt by association. They still decide, even through The Fall, to love one another over all else.

Lucinda barters with The Throne, coming to the agreement that herself and Daniel will begin their lives anew as humans, not guaranteed to find one another but free to love one another fully. Lucinda agrees to the terms, so long as the Outcasts and the Fallen angels are given the rights to return to heaven. The Throne agrees, and Lucinda and Daniel say goodbye before being reborn. They meet years later, at a university house party, where this time the tables are turned and Daniel asks her if they have met before.

This book had me feeling several emotions at once throughout the entire read. I was sad and happy and depressed and elated… it was exhausting. I loved the entire book. This time, the stakes were higher. There was a goal at the end that needed to be achieved, and the plot while working towards that goal was perfect. Finally, we got to see the full scope of Luce and Daniel’s relationship. We got to see that Daniel really did love her, and bore the burden of her curse for no other reason than the fact he loved her more than anything. Her real punishment was being unable to love him and seeing his pain due to her choice. I think that’s a very interesting plot idea, one that Lauren Kate executed brilliantly.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. While I’m super sad that the original Fallen book series is over, I look forward to reading Unforgiven and learning more about Cam. I stand by what I said earlier, when I asked if Lauren Kate would be writing more about Luce and Daniel. I would love that so, so much.




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