Review Copy Policies

Thank you for visiting my blog!

If you are interested in sending me copies of books for review, please find my review policies below. These policies are intended to help with the curation of ‘Jessy’s Book Adventure’ and to properly aid you in your publishing campaign.

In an initial email request, I require:

  1. Book information including the Book Title, Publisher and Publication Date
  2. Novel synopsis
  3. A link to a Goodreads profile, Chapters/Indigo page, or another review site.


The Genres of Books I Accept are: 

  1. Young Adult Fiction*
    – Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction, etc.
  2. Adult Fiction*
    – Fantasy, Contemporary
  3. Non-Fiction**
    – History (European, including England, Scotland, Ireland)
    – Historical City-Guides.
  4. Graphic Novels
    – DC Comics Works

* If the novel fits one or more of these criteria, it’s very likely that I will be able to
review the novel. As these are my favourite genres I am more likely to enjoy your
book, and give positive feedback and reviews.

** The regions listed are pertaining to my research and family heritage interests. This is so I am more likely to give a positive review. Please be advised that while I live
in Canada, I visit the UK once a year and have family in other European
countries. If you would like a blog post done using a city-guide please contact me
about that possibility.

Genres of Books I Do Not Accept: 

  1. Biographies, Memoirs, Self-Help Books, Art and Architecture Books, Cook Books, etc.
  2. Works of Poetry
  3. Anything that is not considered a novel
  • do not accept self-published/independent works for review. Please do not send me review requests for independent books at this time.
  • do not accept first drafts/samples of writing for personal feedback.


Formats I Accept:

  1. Final Copies
  2. Advanced Reader Copies
  3. Manuscripts

Formats I Do Not Accept: 

  1. .pdf or .doc files

*I occasionally will accept E-books but they are not my preference due to health issues.
If you would like to send me a copy of a book that comes in either format, please
approach me about a paper copy. If the work is only being circulated in E-book format,
please approach me with the synopsis of the book, and I will get back to you on my level
of interest.

While your book may fit into all of the requirements previously stated, I reserve the right to deny any valid requests due to my level of interest, scheduling, and the scope of my audience.

Additional Information:

  1. If you need the review completed for a specific post date, I request emails no less than a month and a half – two months before your targeted date. Due to a busy schedule, I want to ensure that I can have time to read the novel and provide you with a quality review.
  2. I do not require compensation for my review of the work, however a monetary offer may expedite the reviewing process. While I will put my interest in the novel above monetary offers, I am more willing to work with those offering to compensate me for the time and effort that goes into reading, reviewing, promoting and providing feedback. Rates may be discussed in a formal request via email.
    – Though monetary offers in exchange for my time are appreciated, payment
    does not guarantee a positive review.
    Reviews with monetary compensation
    will be conducted identically to those without, as I am not willing to disregard
    the integrity of my blog or my own opinion.


Thank you so much for reading my review copy policies, and thinking of me to review your project! If the work fits my requirements, feel free to submit a formal email request to, and I will be happy to get back to you.

I look forward to working with you in the future!

Jessy Kuehne/ JessysBookAdventure